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Coach Lynda

Lynda is an experienced and well-informed Health Wellness and Lifestyle Coach and Companion. Founder and owner of Evolved Mind and Body Worx. The guardian company to the health products ranges, Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul  Vegan2Go Meals, Fresh Spirulina. Specialising and focused on Whole Body, Mind, Soul Health and wellness. Our ethos is “Whole Person Health”, based on, “you become what you consume”. Lynda found that although she was supporting her clients, physically with massage therapy, mentally with Coaching, Counselling and companionship through various serious and significant crossroads, people were still struggling to get committed to their own change, losing interest, lacking energy, and stressed out.  Lynda looked deeply into the connection between nutrition, and who you are being, it was astounding to become so empowered with such significant information to support my clients  in a more substantial and long-term sustainable way. You are what you consume! What a wonderful 10 years we have had growing Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, and now our new ranges Vegan2Go., Smoothie2Go, Fresh Spirulina . We have successfully helped 1000’s of people to change how they take care of themselves from within, and it’s from that place you change everything.

Lynda continues to create wonderful health enhancing products and services that support vibrant health in a crazy world. Your health and wellness is about your choice and responsibility, body, mind and soul. Take the steering wheel of your own life and steer yourself into a long and abundant life. The importance of Gut health, the confirmed information that this is our 2nd brain, and the significance of making very good choices about what you consume is something to take very seriously, we take it very seriously, that is why we make our products in a very unique way that supports deep and meaningful gut cleaning and healing, thus building a resilient immune system and organ function. We have BIG respect for the organs, each one a cog in a very important Life System.

If you want to know more, contact us and schedule a clarity call with Coach Lynda, invest in yourself “whole-heartedly” no one else is going to do it for you.

Body, Mind and Soul

Body: Physical health is very key to you being available to respond to what life offers, and life is filled with incredible opportunities, are we healthy enough to acknowledge, embrace and enjoy these opportunities?  Your choices about what you consume, body, mind and soul, will build you or break you. You have one body, take intimate courageous care of it! Your body is the temple of your soul. What you choose to consume will directly affect your ability to live your fullest and best life, through being the best version of yourself.

Mind: We are all very aware of the Mental health issues that are becoming more and more prevalent, and closer to home. We all could do with an objective space, where we can express ourselves, process our information, and find solutions that will move us forward courageously, empowered and clear. Coaching is that place, Life Coach Lynda believes in the Body, Mind and Soul Balance, without all parts connected and communicating, you are divided and scattered, unclear and unable to create authentically. RISE UP for YOU, create what you are worthy of, and enjoy the gift of the life you have this is not a dress rehearsal this is it!. We all have a flame within that is not burning as bright as it can, the world needs your light. Coach Lynda always excited to work with people who sense there is much more to their significance and life. Are you serious about upgrading your life experience, becoming a contributor to the greater good by merely being the best version of YOU?

Soul: The aim of “Soul Coaching” is to ultimately align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.  Clear away mental, emotional and spiritual and physical clutter, so that you can quieten and hear the messages within. Soul Coaching is not therapy, it is an intimate journey of clearing away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom. Live and create from that place of connection with your soul.

We have a need for an everyday experience of spirit and a connection to our inner states of intuition, mystery and wonder. A cultivated deep trust in ourselves, and our life and purpose for being. This comes to you through a “soul coaching journey”, with Life Coach Lynda.

Let what you think, feel, do and be all be aligned and congruent. Living this way contributes to change by being the change.

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Choose from our 1- 3 day juicing program or take on a more challenging 6 day juicing program. a Consultation is needed for longer juicing programs.

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Juice4Joy Gorgeous Green Juice

Brain Food, Healthy Gut, Regulates digestive system, Supports immune system

Juice4Joy Morning Metaboliser Juice

Best consumed in the morning as pre breakfast or breakfast, Wake...

Juice4Joy Liver Lover Juice

Juice4Joy Liver Lover Juice


Cold Pressed Vegetable Juices, Fresh Tomato, complemented with the right...

Juice4Joy Crazy Carrot and Coconut Juice

Best consumed lunchtime due to higher carb content, Brain Food,...

Juice4Joy Orange Optimist Juice

All the RIGHT greens in this Juice, and then completed...

Juice4Joy Beetroot Bomber Juice

ENERGY BOOM! Get it ALL, High in Nitrates, Great Recovery...

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