Weight Loss

We are all victims of our own neglect!

Do you find that your struggle to stay committed to YOUR own needs and self care? I get you, it is from my own experience of this that I offer you a “Companion  Premium Program” journeying through your reality and limiting behaviours and  beliefs and into a stable and sustainable change in those behaviours and beliefs that will support long term health and vitality in your life.

If you acknowledge that your are not in the shape that is for your highest good, take this journey with Lynda, as your companion and coach. Accountability makes all the difference when you are wanting to achieve a life long goal that till now has alluded you. We are responsible for all our own results, however to have a Professional Experienced Companion and Coach to support you is extremely valuable.

I get that “health” seems to be expensive…however is UNHEALTHY not way more expensive? When you take this journey with Lynda it will be a minimum of a 6 month program, however it is encouraged that 12 months to longterm lifestyle investment is what you are worthy of?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be 90 and walking briskly a minimum of 3 times a week, lifting weights, and able to respond to all my blessings. Family, Grandchildren, friends, travel. This is not possible if self neglect, laziness and lack on investment is your way of being with your gift of being alive. To age is a privileged, choose to do it gracefully and be able to contribute always through vibrant health.

Take the “Companion Premium Program with Coach Lynda

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This journey is profound, and an internal process of discovering who you are, acknowledging your reality, deciding what works and letting go of what does not work for your “health and lifestyle goal”. It can be tough and it will be rewarding. You are not alone in this, silently there are millions of people, alone, lost, frustrated, confused, and giving up on their dream to be whole and vibrantly healthy. This does not have to be YOU!

We know that we get feed on all levels loads of marketing to sell products and substances to achieve our goals, and lets face it these products are expensive and quite frankly unsustainable! Companion and Coach Lynda uses food to get you your goals. Yes whole food, nutrient dense food, along with strategic one on one sessions, regular feedback and connection. Lynda “Listens and Hears’ things that you may not feel to be important, and responding to those key opportunities to re-frame you internal world to create a external world match.  It is quite a unique journey to take. You will love the company.

If you find yourself exploring this topic, it is time for you to take that journey, do not delay, RESPOND now to the nudging and asking of that deep part of you, that intelligence that KNOWS you are ready to truly create the vibrant health and abundant reality you are worthy of. Take action, pick up the phone, make the appointment, INVEST yourself in your health.