Juicing Lifestyle

Why Juice4Joy? – Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice packed with nutrient dense ingredients, is a powerful and easy way of GETTING your micro nutrients, quickly and efficiently. When consumed on an empty stomach 15-20 minutes before eating a whole clean and lean meal. This supports a “Healthy Gut”  which is our 2nd brain and where our immune system is built up or broken down. If your GUT is cluttered and unclean, nutrients are less absorbed, immune system is compromised, eliminating organs sluggish, The system becomes acidic, toxic and “dis-eased”!!! Juice4 Joy is very focused on Liver Health and managing inflammation, enhancing nutrient absorption.

Process of Juicing:

1. Recogise you are not feeling great and want to change it through nutrition. (you are what you consume)

2. Contact us and schedule appointment for a lifestyle & nutritional screening.

3. Based on appointment feedback, commit to 6 week Juice & food program.

4. Receive juice 4 joy regularly throughout program duration, and stick to your “goal to get better”.

5. Enjoy the journey of enhancing your true self, confidence, clarity, focus and wellness.

NB: to achieve the best results based on investment, it is encouraged that you do the initial “Lifestyle & Screening Process”, and afford Life Coach Lynda the opportunity to walk a healing journey with you.

Contact Life Coach Lynda to start your journey of long term meaningful change.

6. Celebrate & Enjoy your results, feel happier, healthier and in control of your own life, in style!

Juicing Lifestyle and benefits