Premium Detox and Cleansing Journey with

Companion and Coach Lynda

Premium Program

Limited space available.

This journey of “Detox, Cleansing and building more sustainable self care lifestyle which involves changing your habits and behaviours” is for the handful of people willing to truly invest in their longterm whole body health and vitality.

Breaking the habit of being your current self sabotaging self, is no easy journey and to have a buddy who has your interests at heart makes all the difference.

Take this journey and achieve your goals and change your life in a sustainable longterm way.

Why take this Premium Program:

# You have tried everything and are frustrated.

# You feel confused and overwhelmed and need a buddy.

# You are not sure HOW to help yourself in a sustainable way.

# You KNOW you are sabotaging your health and happiness and want to change that.

# You want to loose weight and keep it off, yet still feel fabulous!

# You want to be healthy, strong and empowered.

What does The Premium Program involve:

  1. Clarity call before you even invest as we need to establish if this is right for you?
  2. One on One sessions monthly on zoom
  3.  Weekly plan and program (delivered to your door)
  4. 2 weekly check in on progress, 20 mins on zoom
  5. 6-12 month commitment

What you will learn:

# Who you currently are

# Who you want to be now and future

# How to  let go of self sabotaging beliefs and habits

# How to build new habits

# Self healing and management tools and techniques

To take this journey please contact:

Call Companion and Coach Lynda Now: 082 498 5478

Email  Lynda Now:

Life Coach Lynda works remotely online, nationally and internationally. Via Zoom or Face time.